Why I Switched to Pic-Time

About a month ago, I noticed a photographer on the Unraveled Academy was using a gallery site that I’d never heard of before. It was called Pic-Time. At the time I was still using PixieSet and had no problems with it, but I was curious about this new gallery site. So, I decided to check it out. What I found I loved and pushed me to switch to Pic-Time for good!

The Store

I am absolutely in love with the way their store is set up! From the way it shows the client's photos in the examples to the layouts of the albums! LOVE!

The Analytics

I love seeing stats for my business! The fact that Pic-Time allows you to see how many views you have for each gallery, how many people have visited your website from the gallery, and if anyone has left you a testimonial is so cool to me!!

Their Marketing Feature

Pic-Time has a marketing feature that gives you the option to send personalized coupons or special deals to past clients! They have really cute templates you can choose from and can personalize for your clients. I’m excited to use this feature for my newborn birthdays.

Why I Switched to Pic-Time

Cloud Storage!

Um! Helloooooo extra back up storage! I love that Pic-Time does this! It’s a really good idea to make sure your files are backed up on 2-3 different storage platforms, and Pic-Time has already taken care of one of those for you. How great of them!

Unlimited Galleries

With Pixieset, I was limited to how many galleries I could have up at a time. Now? My clients have life-time access to their gallery. Probably my favorite feature right now.


Migration From Previous Gallery Site Over to Pic-Time

Yes, please! If you don’t have the time to re-upload previous galleries onto Pic-Time, then you don’t have to! They will take care of all of that for you and migrate everything over. It does cost an additional $2/gallery, but for convenience sake that’s pretty nice.

Clients can share their galleries with friends & family via email or social media.

I love that my clients can forward their gallery to friends and family to view, too.

I’ve found that with Pic-Time I’m paying less and receiving more, which is a win-win.

You can do a free trial for 30 days and then you can decide whether or not to make the switch! Use my code 3889XB to get a free month and I can get a free month too!


Have you recently switched to Pic-Time, too? What’s your favorite feature of theirs?

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